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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Wellbeing Zones

With support from PTA funding, we have been fortunate enough to create fabulous spaces in our school which are used in a variety of ways throughout the school day.

Calm Play Area









Our Calm Play area provides an alternative space during break and lunch times that allows the children to engage in activities such as playing board games, reading, drawing and catching up with friends under the sails.

Wellbeing Suite

Our Wellbeing Suite is a multi-use room for the children at OLI.

The children enjoy the sensory resources such as the bubble tube, the foam rollers, soft furnishings and a calm atmosphere. 

This is also a room used for therapy sessions, Emotional Literacy sessions and the space used by our Mental Health support team.



Calm Corners

Each classroom has a designated Calm Corner. This is a visible space with cushions or bean bags that the children can choose to use to take a break. This could be to re-regulate their emotions, gather their thoughts or simply continue their learning in a comfortable space.

Each Calm Corner has a Zones of Regulation toolkit. This includes visual prompt cards for regulation strategies (such as breathing techniques and physical relaxation moves). It also includes small toys, sensory activities, and fidgets that the children can use in the corner to help them self-regulate.