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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Online Safety

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, connection, and entertainment. However, the online world can also present challenges for young people. This section provides you with the resources you need to empower your child to navigate the digital landscape safely and responsibly.

Each section offers one-page downloadable guides packed with practical advice. Additionally, you'll find downloadable factsheets providing further information on specific topics. We encourage you to explore these resources and use them to spark conversations with your child about safe online behaviour.

Let's work together to foster a positive and secure online environment for all!

Media Apps

Click the icons for advice on the safer use of these apps.

In today's world, social media is a powerful tool for connecting and sharing. However, it's important to navigate these platforms safely. This section provides advice on responsible social media use for a range of apps, including how to manage online privacy settings, understand influencer culture, recognise cyberbullying and handle scam messages. Click the icons for one-page guidance or click the links below for more detailed factsheets.



Click the icons for advice on the safer use of these games.


Gaming can be a fun and engaging way to spend leisure time. However, it's crucial to ensure a healthy and safe gaming experience. This section offers guidance for parents on responsible gaming practices, exploring topics like age-appropriate games, setting time limits, and recognising signs of gaming addiction.


 Online Tuition

The internet provides a vast sea of educational resources. This section aims to help parents navigate online learning environments safely. The guides offer tips on finding trustworthy sources, protecting data privacy, and maintaining online etiquette while engaging in online learning activities.

Online Tuition Guide