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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School


At OLI, we encourage the children to view themselves as artists and explore their creativity through different mediums, whilst being inspired by various diverse artists from around the World.

Our art curriculum is broken down into five main strands; drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and printing. During art lessons, children are given time to explore and experiment with a range of different mediums and tools.

Teachers use pictures of key artists and artwork to develop the children’s learning and give them opportunities to discuss how the art makes them feel and make connections with their own experiences and broaden their horizons.

Sketchbooks are used to show a journey through art and allow children to share their interpretations, write reflections and explore a variety of different techniques.
The children’s Sketchbooks show the sequence of their art lessons and allow them to collect and record visual information from different sources as well as plan, try out ideas, experiment with colours and collect source materials for their artwork.
At OLI, we enrich the children’s cultural capital through art competitions, interviewing real artists, such as Eric Wilson and carrying out whole school art projects.