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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School



During our French lessons at Our Lady Immaculate School, our children are encouraged to appreciate the richness of French culture and celebrate the achievements of French speakers from across the World.

We encouraging the children to achieve their own potential in speaking, reading and writing French. We do this by harnessing the children’s natural curiosity about the lives and traditions of different French speakers from across the globe; as well as by developing their awareness of French vocabulary and grammar.

As a school, we promote an open and positive attitude towards all foreign languages and cultures. Events are planned to celebrate key dates such as: Bastille Day and European Day of Languages. Extra activities are designed to ensure that all of the children are given the opportunity to speak French spontaneously and engage in ‘real life’ past times such as: visiting a French café run by Year 6 or taking part in an immersive French play put on by professional actors. Assemblies also give the children the chance to present their learning or take part in French karaoke.

The school’s planning is progressive and provides the children with opportunities to listen to native speakers and read authentic texts. The children are introduced to French syntax and how it is constructed through: songs, games, role-play and stories. They are also encouraged to develop accurate pronunciation and intonation when reading texts aloud by focussing on key phonics. The children use dual language dictionaries to help them understand new vocabulary.

Throughout Key Stage Two, the children gain the necessary knowledge to begin to speak and write French using familiar vocabulary and phrases with a focus on broadening vocabulary and sentence structure so that by the end of Year 6 they are equipped to take on the further challenge of MFL at secondary school.