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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Our Catholic Mission

At Our Lady Immaculate, Religious Education is more than just an academic subject; it is the cornerstone of the entire educational experience.

The objective is to integrate Catholic beliefs and traditions into every aspect of school life, creating an environment where faith is both taught and lived.

Our school mission statement is lived out in many ways.


Integration of Faith and Education

  • Academic Instruction: RE is treated with the same rigour as other core subjects, ensuring that pupils receive a comprehensive understanding of Catholic teachings, scripture, sacraments, morality, and Church history.
  • Practical Application: Students are encouraged to translate their knowledge into action, fostering a living faith that influences their daily lives.

Holistic Faith Experience

  • Liturgical Participation: Pupils actively engage in preparing and participating in Masses, prayer services, and Collective Worship. This involvement helps them to experience and understand the liturgical life of the Church.
  • Daily Practice: Beyond structured religious activities, the faith is woven into everyday school routines. This could include morning prayers, grace before meals, and other spontaneous expressions of faith throughout the day.

Role Models and Personal Example

  • Staff as Exemplars: Teachers and staff members are expected to embody the values and teachings of the Catholic faith. Their behaviour and attitudes serve as a daily witness to the students, reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom.
  • Community of Faith: The school community as a whole works together to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, love, and service, mirroring the teachings of Jesus.

Faith in Action

  • Encouraging Service: Pupils are encouraged to put their faith into practice through acts of charity, service projects, and social justice initiatives. This helps to develop a sense of responsibility towards others and a commitment to the common good.
  • Personal Growth: Through reflection and personal prayer, pupils are guided to develop a personal relationship with God and to discern their own call to live out their faith in their unique way.

By integrating these principles into both the curriculum and the daily life of the school, Catholic education aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are prepared to live out their faith in every aspect of their lives.