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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School


Our aim in English lessons and across the wider curriculum is to help the children build their identities as readers and writers and to become clear communicators.

We hope to enthuse children and to develop a love of reading and writing for pleasure. We encourage them to understand and enjoy their journey as they learn to read and write and to know the many benefits of developing good literacy skills for their future success and wellbeing.

We build the confidence and curiosity to explore ideas, embrace our mistakes find ways to overcome obstacles and see that creativity requires time, space and a growth mindset.

We provide regular practice to develop spelling and handwriting as a means of clear communication through writing. Our approach to SPaG is to integrate its teaching, where possible, within the writing process.

Speaking and listening activities are used as a valued part of the writing process. We also develop these skills through learning and reciting poetry and drama activities to help the children become articulate and confident speakers.

Finally, but at the very heart of our English curriculum, is the use of high-quality, diverse texts to develop empathy, a love of language and to provide experience of a range of genres and to provide opportunities for widening their vocabulary not just in English lessons but across the wider curriculum.


Punctuation, Grammar and Handwriting

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